Q: Can you repair my solar power inverter?

A: Yes, providing the damages are not exceptionally severe – here are some examples of solar inverters we commonly repair:

  • Sunny Roo / Sunna
  • JFI
  • Sharp
  • Aerosharp
  • Xantrex
  • Samil Power / Solar River
  • SolarMax
  • Aurora Power One


Q: How much will it cost to fix my inverter?

A: The cost of the repair can be as low as $80 if it is simply a matter of replacing an external plug, switch or consumable part and it isn’t necessary to remove the inverter. Standard work shop repair costs ranges from $195 to $495 – Please note there may be additional site visit fees applicable.


Q: What if the damages are exceptionally severe and beyond economical repair?

A: We provide a full range of solar inverter replacement options if repairs are not possible.


Q: Can I claim this on my home insurance policy?

A: You will need to review your insurance policy details to determine if coverage is applicable for your solar system damages – if unsure, contact your insurance company representative for clarification. When required, we can assist in determining the cause of damage to the solar inverter by conducting a work shop based electrical component forensic investigation and report.


Q: Is my inverter covered under warranty?

A: To find out if your inverter is covered under warranty, first establish when the warranty period began. This is generally the date the system was installed. The most common inverter warranty period we see is 5 years; however we recommend checking your paperwork as extended warranties are not uncommon and some manufacturers offer up to 10 years – we can assist you with the manufacturer warranty claim process.


Q: I can’t find my paperwork and the solar retailer I purchased the system from has gone out of business.

A: Do not worry. This information is available from your local electricity generator, which is Energex in South East Queensland, Ergon in North and regional Queensland and Essential energy for Northern New South Wales.


Q: My inverter is under warranty but the inverter manufacturer is out of business.

A: It looks like your options are limited and your inverter needs repairing or possibly replacing.