I’ve been very happy with Service Tech. Contacted a number of solar companies a year ago when my inverter was flashing a red light suggesting it was overheating. Every other solar company I contacted told me my inverter was no longer supported and hence couldn’t be repaired and said I’d need to replace it, a cost of over $2000. Bill from Solar Tech suggested I check the fan , which was located on the top left and not easily seen. Sure enough there was a gecko stuck in the fan and once removed the inverter worked perfectly again. I’d never had my system cleaned or serviced, and Bill suggested it would be desirable to do so. My electricity bill has been significantly lower over the last 12 months, so I am sure I have saved more than the cost of the service in reduced bills. I’ve just had the second service completed and today received a report on the service completed and data on my average daily output. I’d highly recommend this company, not only for their excellent service, but also for their honesty in helping fix an existing problem rather than using the excuse of a company having gone to the wall as a reason to have to replace rather than repair.