Gold Coast Solar Maintenance and Repair Services


Need to have your solar power inverter repaired? Are you looking for a qualified and trained solar electrician? Do you live on the Gold Coast? 


Then let Service Tech help you with your solar power system and inverter issues!


What We Can Do


We will carefully assess your system to get a good insight into the potential causes of the fault you are encountering. This includes checking all the components of your solar power system for performance and durability. We will also conduct a thorough solar panel inspection. 


From there, we will clean and remove all dirt and grime as necessary. Of course, we will also have your solar inverter checked. We will then compile all the details we have gathered about your system and create a solar performance report that will be emailed to you right after. Our report outlines the performance of your system, as well as our recommendations on what we can do to get your system back up and running in its best condition.


Services Offered


    • Repairs and Maintenance


Aside from inverter repairs and maintenance, we can also help you with your warranty claims. We also guarantee a 5-10% performance increase after we get your system up and running. This is because we carefully log your solar power system’s performance statistics, allowing us to monitor it closely and identify areas that can be improved. We can even inspect your rooftop DC cabling if needed. Rest assured that our solar servicing and cleaning services are compliant with manufacturer warranty guidelines.


    • Solar Power System Recommendations


Should you need any upgrade option assessments, we can also be of assistance. Alongside this, we can also provide you with power storage solutions and advice. This will help you save the solar energy that your system produces for future use. We can also help you with product recall assessments and provide a sound recommendation on the most viable step that you can take.


Why Choose Us?


We have a team of qualified technicians who have been servicing the Gold Coast region for over eight years now. They are all fully trained to inspect every aspect of your system and provide you with a comprehensive report and a sensible recommendation. You can also check out what our satisfied customers have to say about our services.


Our friendly solar power system support will also be able to assist you in case you need any advice regarding battery storage, inverter repairs, as well as solar power system performance. 


We do understand that the absence of solar power means no energy savings, which then leads to a higher energy bill. This is the reason why we exert the extra effort to act fast and get all the solar repairs in the Gold Coast promptly, as soon as they have been called to our attention. As soon as we are through with our careful assessment and evaluation, we will get back to you with a detailed report that contains our recommendations on what needs to be done immediately to minimise power disruption and eliminate any power bill shock on your end.


Allow us to help you fix or replace your solar inverter as necessary. We service all suburbs on the Gold Coast and assure you to get your solar power system up and running fast! 


Service Tech Main Service Areas

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Sunshine Coast

Northern NSW


Call us now at 1300 611 880 and talk to one of our friendly staff to get your solar power system back in good condition once again.


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