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Aero-Sharp provides transformer-based inverters which can provide an output of 1kW, 1.5kW, 2kW, as well as 3kW. Their units usually come with a five-year warranty, with some units even bearing a promotional ten-year warranty. However, since the manufacturer is now out of business, it is highly unlikely that the additional five years in the ten-year warranty will still be honoured.


Common Faults with Aero-Sharp Inverters


    • Grid Volt Error


Your Aero-Sharp inverter is designed to shut down if the grid voltage surpasses 260V. When this occurs, your inverter will display a grid volt error in its screen and it will no longer generate any output power. To address this issue, your inverter needs to be reprogrammed to accept a higher voltage from the grid.


When your main control board malfunctions, a grid volt error can also occur in your inverter. In case your AC fuse blows up, or your AC board is encountering issues, your inverter may likewise display a grid volt error. If after having your AC fuse replaced and it immediately blows up again, then this is a sign that there is a short circuit in your AC board. In this case, your inverter needs a replacement.


Fuse Failures. The fuse failures of an Aero-Sharp inverter can be because of the use of an under-rated fast-blow fuse. In this case, replacing this type with a slow-blow fuse type can resolve a fuse failure issue. 


    • Ground Fault


A ground fault can occur when there is an issue with how your unit is grounded. Fortunately, this is one of the issues that can readily be repaired by licensed electricians. However, if after a careful assessment and it is ruled out that the earth fault occurs internally in the inverter, then your unit needs to be replaced.


    • System Error


A system error is one of the common faults of Aero-Sharp inverters that can no longer be repaired. In this case, the best thing to do is to have a new inverter installed to replace your old one.


    • PV Overpower Error


In case you have installed a string of panels that either border or slightly exceed the maximum PV input voltage or current specification of your unit, then there is a great chance that you may encounter the PV overpower error. Generally, pushing the limit of your inverter should not be a significant problem, except when the sun emerges from the clouds, causing a huge increase in your inverter’s input that is beyond its specifications. More often than not, your inverter will respond by shutting down and attempting to start up again after a while.


    • High-pitched Noise


The earlier models of Aero-Sharp inverters were quite noisy, producing a high-pitched screeching noise. The noise becomes louder as the inverter produces more output power, such that at full load, or during midday, the noise can be painful to the ear. Fortunately, the newer Aero-Sharp inverter models are designed to be quieter. In addition to this, the 50Hz transformer hum is only audible when you stand closer than a meter away from it. 


    • Battery Fault


There are instances wherein your inverter may experience a battery fault or issues with the three-volt CR2032 lithium coin cell that powers the display panel mounted behind the front lid. Without this battery, your inverter’s clock, as well as its previous history, recording your inverter’s total time of operation and accumulated output, may be lost. Additionally, a faulty battery may cause the internal clock of your inverter to reset or your inverter may not record its daily kilo-watt hour output properly. Fortunately, this battery is replaceable.


In case your inverter is still within its warranty period, we can assist you with your warranty claim. Otherwise, we can be of service to help you get it back in its best condition. 


Need help with your Aero-Sharp inverter? Call us!

Aero-Sharp solar inverters can sometimes prove to be quite complicated, which is why you must have them assessed by a team of CEC accredited electricians. To have your solar inverter repaired quickly and accurately at a reasonable cost, Service Tech is one call away. Our trained technicians will visit your property to inspect your inverters. From there, we will source out parts that need replacement and fix other components that can still be salvaged. Rest assured that we will put your inverter in a number of performance and safety tests before we return it to your home. Otherwise, we can also make a recommendation for a new solar inverter if this proves to be a more cost-effective solution. 


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