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Common Aurora Inverter Models


    • Aurora UNO


The Aurora UNO model is a single-phase inverter that is designed to cater to residential houses or structures that require only a small solar system. The 2kW and 3.6kW variant of this inverter is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation. The rest of the models which include the 3kW, 4.2kW, 5kW, and 6kW are all suitable for outdoor installation only. 


    • Aurora TRIO


The Aurora TRIO model is a three-phase inverter that is designed to cater to commercial buildings or structures that entail the need for larger solar systems. All of the variants of this model, which include the 10kW, 12.5kW, 20kW and 27.6kW, are built for outdoor installation only.


Characteristics of Power-One Aurora Inverters


    • High Efficiency


The high efficiency of Aurora inverters can be attributed to its transformerless operation. Because of this, its peak efficiency can reach up to 97.7%. Peak efficiency is the point when your inverter is performing at its best and it is calculated when the inverter is operating at its rated capacity.


However, it is more important to take a closer look into your inverter’s efficiency curve which indicates how it performs at different output levels. This is because there is a great chance that your inverter only performs at its peak efficiency for a short duration of its daily operation.


Nevertheless, it is still remarkable that the efficiency of transformerless inverters is greater compared to conventional transformers. Aside from this, a transformerless inverter is also lighter, more compact, and much affordable. It also paves the way for you to implement two separate systems because it has a couple of power point trackers. 


    • Highly Accurate MPPT


MPPT stands for Maximum Power Point Tracking and Aurora inverters have a high speed and highly accurate MPPT. This significantly contributes to the solar system design.


Common Issues with Aurora Inverters


    • E031 – Int. Error


The E031 – Int. Error code indicates a failure in one of your vital internal components. This means that your unit needs to be replaced. Rest assured that Aurora inverters come with a five-year warranty.


    • W001 – Sun Low


The W001 – Sun Low code indicates that there is not enough sunlight hitting your solar panels. Otherwise, your solar panels may be encountering an issue. This means that the problem is not really directly related to your inverter but more likely to your panel.


If you encounter any of the problems above, better gather some information about your inverter’s installation date, model number, as well as its serial number before you get in touch with a serviceman. If your inverter was installed within the last five years, then it is still covered under warranty. In this case, you also need to take a photo of the sticker on the side of your inverter because this bears its serial number, WK number, and part number. 


Monitoring your Aurora Inverter


The electronic display of your inverter changes screen every five seconds automatically. Nonetheless, you can also change the screen manually by moving through it using the up and down buttons. The third screen displays the number of kilowatt-hours that your system has produced throughout the day. The best time to check this figure is towards the end of the day before the sun goes down.


On the other hand, the fourth screen reveals the cumulative total of the kilowatt-hours that your system has produced ever since its installation. In this case, you will be able to have a good idea of your monthly production by recording the difference between the figure you listed down at the start and end of each month.


Some of the normal functions of your inverter which you may mistakenly interpret as a fault include clicking sounds and a power light that appears when the unit is being turned on or being shut down.


Need further help? Call us!

Aurora inverters are indeed quite complicated, which is why you must have them checked by a solar maintenance company providing CEC accredited electricians. To ensure your inverter issues are attended immediately and accurately at a reasonable cost, contact our team at Service Tech. We have trained technicians who will visit your property to inspect and evaluate your inverters. From there, we will source out parts that need to be replaced and repair other components that can still be salvaged. We guarantee to place your inverter in a number of performance and safety tests before returning it to your home. Otherwise, we can also make a recommendation for a new solar inverter if this proves to be a more cost-effective solution. 


Call us now at 1300 611 880 and talk to one of our friendly customer representatives if you want to know more about how you can get your Aurora inverter back in good condition once again. 


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