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Clenergy is an Australian company that offers a range of PV solutions for both residential and commercial use, in and outside of Australia. The SPH range of Clenergy’s inverters can output anywhere from 1750W to 6500W, but the models sold in Australia generally output 1000W, 2000W, as well as 3000W. Regardless of the model of your Clenergy inverter, make sure to exert the extra effort to monitor it to ensure that it operates as expected.


How to Monitor Your Clenergy SPH Inverter


The blue power light of your inverter should be turned on during the day because this signifies that your unit is working properly. For you to find out the performance of your inverter, locate the black button on the bottom left of your inverter’s screen. You can use this button to scroll through the menu, but you need to press it a couple of times until you reach the KWH section.


How to Check Your Daily Energy Production


If you want to have a good idea of how much your system produces daily, log the last number that you find in the KWH twice a day: one as soon as you get up in the morning, and another before you retire for the night. This number is the total amount of kilowatts that your system has produced from the moment it was installed until your current reading. The difference between the readings in the morning and at night is your system’s daily energy production.


Average Daily Production in a Month


For you to have a good idea of your system’s average monthly consumption, record its KWH reading twice a day every day beginning on the first day of the month until the last day. From there, take the average of the readings by summing up each of your daily recordings and dividing the result by the number of days in between.  The number that you get is your system’s average daily production in a month.


Common Issues of Clenergy Inverters


    • No Utility or Grid Fault. When you see this error code in the display of your inverter, it means that your system may have a faulty fuse or you have encountered a power surge.
    • Ground Fault. If you see this error code appearing in the display of your inverter, make sure to get in touch with a professional and licensed electrician to have them checked your unit. This is because the issue may stem from the panel earthing.
    • Isolation Fault. This kind of error may be caused by water damage, which means that you need to book for a prompt inspection.


For other inverter issues that are not listed above, perhaps it will be better to have your inverter replaced with a new one that is covered with a full warranty.


Rest assured that if your inverter was installed within the last five years, then there is a great chance that it is still covered under warranty. In this case, you need to secure your proof of purchase, your panel models as well as their quantities, and your fault code information that you can check through the display of your inverter. It will also help if you can provide the serial number that you can see on top of your inverter.


Maintenance and Upgrade


To ensure the longevity of your inverter, make sure to have it serviced regularly. In this case, the trained solar specialists will be able to act on any potential issues promptly. This will keep your system fully functional, safe, and efficient for several years ahead, even outside of its warranty period.


On the other hand, if your inverter is already nearing the end of its warranty date, you have the option of upgrading it with a system that implements a newer technology that yields the power that you need efficiently.


Need help with your Clenergy inverter? Call us!

Clenergy inverters can sometimes prove to be quite complicated, which is why you must have them checked by CEC accredited electricians and qualified solar specialists. To ensure that your inverter is fixed properly at a reasonable cost, you can contact our team at Service Tech. Our trained technicians will visit your property to inspect and assess your inverters. From there, we will source out parts that need to be replaced and repair other components that can still be salvaged. Rest assured that we will put your inverter in a number of performance and safety tests before we return it to your home. We can also make a recommendation for a new solar inverter if this proves to be a more cost-effective solution. 


Call us now at 1300 611 880 and talk to one of our friendly customer representatives to find out how you can get your Clenergy inverter back in good condition once again.


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