CMS Inverter Repair


CMS stands for Carbon Management Solutions Pty Ltd. Some of the most popular inverters that they offer include the CMS1500 and CMS2000 models. Larger systems utilise the CMS5000 and CMS10000 models.


CMS Inverter Yield


If you want to have a good idea of the output produced by your unit, you can use the function button to scroll through “Energy={}kW”. All you need to do is to record this figure at the same time every day. You should notice that the reading should be increasing because if not, then there could be something wrong with your system. In this case, you may want to book a health check with trained experts.


On the contrary, if the number is increasing, but you deem that the figure is rather low, then it is still best to have your unit inspected. Otherwise, you can have a smart meter installed for you to be added to the data monitoring network of licensed electricians.


Common Issues of CMS Inverters


If your CMS inverter is working properly, its power light should be turned on while its fault light is powered off. In case the fault light is on, the screen of your inverter will display a particular error code which is related to the issue that it is encountering. Some of the most common error codes that you may encounter include an isolation fault, a grid fault, as well as a no utility fault.


    • Isolation Fault. It is most likely for this error code to come up when water makes it way somewhere in the wiring of your system. In case water is not the cause of this issue, there is a great chance that your inverter already needs to be replaced.
    • Grid Fault. Your inverter comes with a set of preferred operating parameters as part of its specifications. When the supply voltage of your inverter falls outside of the specified range, you can expect a grid fault to occur. However, if there seems to be no problem with the grid, then it is most likely that your inverter is already due for a replacement.
    • No Utility Fault. If the solar supply main switch in the meter box of your system has tripped off, then you may encounter the no utility fault. Nevertheless, if this problem continues even if the isolators are powered on, then your inverter already needs to be replaced.


Repair Process


CMS may no longer honour the warranty of your inverter because they have already transitioned into receivership. In case you can reach the original installer of your unit, they will be in the best position to assist you in having your unit repaired as necessary. The repair process usually begins with a licensed electrician disconnecting your inverter. From there, they might return your inverter to a warehouse that can be located outside of your state. You will also need to cover the expense of the shipment.


On the other hand, the cost that you may need to shell out to have your unit repaired depends on the severity of the problem of your inverter. Once you have settled this amount, the unit will be shipped back to you, but you still need to pay for the freight charges required. Once the unit reaches you, you need the services of the licensed electrician to come and reconnect your inverter back to your system.


In this case, the accumulated expenses that you can incur in having your inverter repaired, in addition to the cost of your “solar downtime”, may prove to be more than the cost of getting a new inverter instead. Plus, in getting a new inverter, it is most likely that you will get to enjoy a five-year warranty.


Nevertheless, we can still help you isolate your CMS inverter troubles.


Need help with your CMS inverter? Call us!

CMS solar inverters can sometimes prove to be quite complicated, which is why you must have them checked by CEC accredited electricians. To ensure that your inverter is repaired rapidly and accurately at a reasonable cost, be sure to contact a qualified solar maintenance company like Service Tech. We have a team of trained technicians ready to visit your property to inspect and assess your inverters. From there, we will source out parts that need to be replaced and repair other components that can still be salvaged. Rest assured that we will put your inverter in a number of quality and safety tests before we return it to your home. Otherwise, we can also make a recommendation for a new solar inverter if this proves to be a more cost-effective solution. 


Call us now at 1300 611 880 and talk to one of our friendly staff if you want to know more about how you can get your CMS inverter back in good condition once again.


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