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Samil inverters generally come in a blue compartment, such that it is sometimes referred to as the “big blue box”. Some of the most common models that are often used by household owners include the SolarRiver, SolarRiver Dual, as well as the SolarLake. In case you encounter issues with your inverter, it is important that it is repaired properly. In line with this, below are some of the most common issues that you may encounter with a Samil solar inverter.


Common Issues of a Samil Solar Inverter


    • Grid Fault 


There are instances wherein your inverter may show a “grid fault” in its display. In this case, you need to give some time to your grid supply to stabilise before checking whether your inverter already went back to its normal working condition. In case your inverter fails to reconnect, try to restart your system, carefully following the proper shutdown procedure. Hopefully, this solves the problem, but if the issue continues to persist, then it is already best to have your solar system checked and inspected by a professional.


    • No Utility


Another issue that you may encounter is when your inverter shows the “no utility” error in its display. This simply means that your inverter has lost its connection to the grid. In this case, make sure that the AC circuit breaker in the switchboard and beside your inverter is powered on. If they both are, then check whether the grid supply is available. Again, after these basic evaluations and the problem is still existent, then it is best to call a seasoned service technician handling Samil inverters.


    • Isolation Fault

Sometimes, the display on your inverter may show an “isolation fault” error. This fault indicates that the DC power may be in contact with the grounding of the system, which can be because of water in the panels or isolators. Thus, when this happens, you need to call a qualified solar electrician because he will be able to check the impedance between the PV (+), PV (-), and the ground.


    • Consistent Fault


For a “consistent fault” shown in the display of your inverter, you likewise need to get in touch with a qualified solar technician. This is because this problem entails the need for both the PV +ve and -ve inputs to be disconnected and once again reconnected after a certain period of time. This type of reset would normally fix the problem but in case it fails to get your system back in its working condition, then it is most likely that your inverter may already need a replacement. This is also true when the display of your inverter displays “relay failure”.


    • Other Common Faults


Some other common inverter faults that you may see in the display of your inverter include leakage detecting, fan fault, PV over voltage, as well as DC INJ high. Leakage detecting means a leakage current that is over the rating, while a fan fault indicates a fan lock or a circuit fault. On the other hand, PV over voltage means that the PV voltage is already greater than or equal to the value of the maximum DC voltage, while the DC INJ high means that the DC injection in the AC output is way past over its rated value.


If you have noticed, most of the common issues listed above indicate that it is not really your inverter that has a problem. More often than not, it can be because of your source voltage, faulty solar wiring, failed DC isolators on your roof, broken MC4 solar panel plugs, damaged solar panels, as well as moisture into the panels or wiring, that are causing your inverter to stop working. The truth is that Samil inverters often have a few repairable parts and in most cases, there is a great chance that your inverter already needs to be replaced.


Need help with your Samil inverter? Call us!

Samil inverters can sometimes prove to be quite complicated, which is why you must have them checked by CEC accredited electricians. To ensure that your inverter is repaired properly and accurately at a reasonable cost, contact a trusted and qualified solar maintenance company like Service Tech. We have a team of expert technicians trained with the best approaches when it comes to repairing solar inverters. We will visit your property to inspect and assess your inverters. From there, we will source out parts that need to be replaced and repair other components that can still be salvaged. Rest assured that we will put your solar inverter in a series of performance and safety tests before we return it to your home. As a solar panel maintenance company with over 8 years of experience, Service Tech can also make a recommendation for a new solar inverter if this proves to be a more cost-effective solution. 


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