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Sunny Roo inverters come in five models namely the SR1500TL, SR2000TL, SR3000TL, SR4200TL, and SR5000TL. The primary physical difference between the first three models and the last two is with their height. The first three models come with a 430mm height while the last two have a slightly larger height measuring 510mm. The length of all models measures 455mm while their depth or width is 170mm.


Unit Description


Your Sunny Roo inverter comes with an LCD and LED display, which show its operation information, as well as its status. It also has a solar array input, which is basically a plug-and-play connector terminal that is intended for the connection of the solar modules. However, you have to take note that the SR1500TL, SR2000TL, and SR3000TL models only have a single PV string input.

Your unit also comes with a standard communication port which is EPO and RS232, as well as an optional communication port slot for USB, RS485, dry contact, or TCP/IP. It also has an AC output terminal for the utility supply.


Installation Manual


To know more about your Sunny Roo inverter, you can refer to its installation manual which came with your inverter when you purchased it. Nevertheless, if you misplaced your physical copy, you can easily find an online manual to have a reference for the things that you need to know about your inverter.


Inverter Warranty


While your inverter can be repaired in case you encounter problems with it, the bad news is that the manufacturer doesn’t offer any warranty for their products. To increase your chances of getting it working, make sure that you seek the services of CEC accredited electricians who have the expertise and experience in handling various solar inverters.

Nevertheless, it is worth considering having your unit replaced with a new solar inverter that offers a full warranty even just for a couple of years for you to avoid additional service expenses in the future.


Common Sunny Roo Error Codes


When your inverter experiences a fault, an error code will most likely be displayed on its LCD screen. This will allow you to identify what is wrong with the inverter for you to be able to address it promptly or relay the problem to a seasoned electrician immediately. 

The most common error codes experienced by Sunny Roo inverter owners often have the prefix ER or AL. Error codes that begin with ER indicate an error in the inverter itself while error codes that begin with AL indicate a grid fault alarm. You will be able to find more of these error codes, as well as how to resolve them, in your user manual. However, keep in mind that you need to get in touch with a serviceman promptly should these errors still persist after following the instructions in the manual.

    • AL14


Error code AL14 is a grid fault alarm code that indicates that there is no utility or a failure in the waveform of the utility.

    • ER22


Error code ER22 means a failure or abnormal behaviour in the output relay. For a quick fix to resolve this error, make sure to disconnect all PV (+) or PV (-). Just wait for a couple of seconds until the LCD of the inverter powers off.

From there, reconnect all the PV (+) or PV (-) and check whether the error code is still showing. Hopefully, a reboot clears out your problem. 

But then again, if the error code above persists, better gather some information about your inverter’s installation date, model number, as well as its serial number before you get in touch with a CEC certified electrician. In doing so, you will have a good idea of whether it is worth repairing your unit or perhaps it will be better to have it replaced with a new inverter that is covered with a full warranty.


Need further help? Call us!

Sunny Roo inverters are indeed quite complicated, which is why you must have them checked by experienced CEC accredited electricians. To ensure that your inverter is repaired quickly and accurately at a reasonable cost, you can contact us at Service Tech. Our trained electricians will visit your property to inspect and evaluate your inverters. After this, we will source out components that need to be replaced or repair other parts that can still be salvaged. Rest assured that we will put your inverter in several performance and safety tests before we reinstall it in your home. We can also make a recommendation for a new solar inverter if this proves to be a more cost-effective solution. 


Call us now at 1300 611 880 and talk to one of our friendly staff if you want to know more about how you can get your Sunny Roo inverter back in good condition once again.


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