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Xantrex inverters have the capability to provide silent alternating current (AC) because it can transform the direct current (DC) electricity stored in batteries. Because of a Xantrex inverter, you will have the opportunity to enjoy normal household electricity in your recreational vehicle (RV) or boat. These inverters come in a wide variety of sizes and power ranges to suit your specific needs.


Xantrex Inverter Models


    • PROsine

PROsine models deliver a sine wave output that is very much similar to the AC power supplied by a grid. They are primarily designed for recreational and industrial applications, capable of providing 1000 and 1800 watts of sine wave AC power with a 12V or a 24V input voltage. Thus, this model is best suited for electrical systems with a quality multistage battery charger.


    • PROwatt

PROwatt models are compact and relatively easy-to-use. They are also easy to install, which makes them ideal for commercial trucks, RVs, as well as marine applications. The great thing about this model is that it offers several safety features that are not commonly found in other inverter types.


    • PRO Series Inverters

PRO Series Inverters are intended for RV and marine electrical systems with a battery or generator already installed. Aside from efficiently providing household power whenever necessary, this model also features a detachable and digital remote control, complete with a display that shows vital information about its operation. The good news is that this model can also be easily installed to fit any compartment, mounted either vertically or horizontally.


    • XPower 450

The XPower 450 only needs to be plugged into the 12V lighter socket in your vehicle or connected directly into its battery and you will already have ample power to run your basic electronic appliances. Rest assured that you won’t have to worry about a depleted battery because this inverter can automatically sense low battery voltage. This inverter model is also designed with corrosion resistance and short-circuit protection, making it ideal for damp and humid environments.


    • XPower Inverters

XPower inverters feature a high surge capability, which makes them ideal for those who have a need to support multiple loads. This model can easily be installed and operated, allowing you to have a supply of reliable power to run your home appliances. It also has an easy-to-read digital display that enables you to garner important system information immediately.


    • Freedom X True Sine

The Freedom X True Sine inverter model is designed to be lightweight and compact. It also has an extended surge rating, making it ideal for starting difficult loads such as a refrigerator. Additionally, you will be able to easily install this inverter because of its quick-connect terminals.


Troubleshooting Tips in Installing Xantrex Inverters


To ensure that your installation is a success, make sure that you revert all the settings of your inverter to factory defaults because these are the values that will allow your inverter to work in a multitude of environments. From there, you can then readjust your settings to suit your specific needs. Just keep in mind to check each of the settings one at a time to identify an installation problem as it occurs.


Another troubleshooting tip that proves to be beneficial in terms of installing your Xantrex inverter is to disconnect all loads. After this, connect each of the loads one by one. In doing so, keep an eye on the DC voltage, making sure that it is within the range of the inverter. This will allow you to isolate whether an ineffective circuit from the battery or your source voltage is causing the problem.


In attempting to troubleshoot your inverter, make sure to prioritise your safety, powering down as much as possible when you are working with circuits. In case you are not confident with troubleshooting your inverter, it is best to call in the experts.


Need help with your Xantrex inverter? Call us!

Xantrex inverters can sometimes prove to be quite complicated, which is why you must have them attended by CEC accredited electricians from a trusted solar maintenance company. To ensure that your inverter is repaired properly and quickly at a reasonable cost, you can call us at Service Tech anytime. Our team of trained technicians is always on standby to resolve all your solar inverter and solar panel problems as quickly as possible. We will visit your property to inspect and assess your inverters. From there, we will source out parts that need replacement and fix other components that can still be salvaged. Your solar inverter will undergo a number of performance and safety tests as recommended by qualified technicians before we return it to your home. We can also make a recommendation for a new solar inverter if this proves to be a more cost-effective solution. 


Call us now at 1300 611 880 and talk to one of our friendly customer representatives to learn what we can do for you to get your Xantrex inverter back in good condition once again.


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