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Our solar panel services at Service Tech include installation, cleaning, and maintenance of your solar panels. 


Solar Panel Installation


    • System Components


The two main components of solar panel systems include the modules, or your solar panels, resting on a mounting system, as well as a solar inverter that comes with a computerised controller. Your solar panels are responsible for producing direct current (DC) from the sun’s energy. From there, your inverter will convert the DC to alternating current (AC) that you can use in your household or business. The computerised controller ensures that your system exhibits optimum performance. In case you intend to have an off-grid solar power system, then you need to secure a battery.


    • Installation Process


Usually, solar panels are installed on top of the roof of your home or business where they can get maximum sunlight. Nonetheless, there are instances wherein these panels are installed on the ground, which is alright as long as they have direct access to the sun.


For a typical roof mounting, your solar panels are installed as follows:


    • Setting up the scaffolding

The first thing that needs to be set up in a solar power installation is the scaffolding, which ensures the safety of the entire process.


    • Installation of the mounts

The mounts will support the base of your solar panel. In this case, they need to be tilted, with an angle of 18 to 36 degrees because this position paves the way for maximum sunlight exposure. 


    • Installation of the panels

As soon as the mounts are properly installed, the next step is to carefully place the panels on the mounting structure. It is important to ensure that all nuts and bolts are securely tightened to achieve a stable structure.


    • Wiring the panels

After installing the panels, the next step is to wire them using MC4 connectors, which are suited for most types of solar panels. During this step, you need to ensure that your household’s electricity supply is powered off.


    • Installation of the inverter

The solar inverter is often positioned near the main panel, either indoors or outdoors, but it is more efficient if it is mounted in a cool place. Thus, it should not be placed directly under the sun if installed outdoors or it should be placed in a room with proper ventilation if installed indoors.


    • Connection to a battery

A battery can provide you with the power that you need particularly during cloudy days. In this case, make sure to connect your inverter to a solar battery. 


    • Connection to the consumer unit

Aside from a battery, your inverter should also be connected to the consumer unit to generate usable energy. 


    • Testing and evaluation

Once everything is set, the final step is to test your solar power system. In this case, just turn on the power and verify whether your system is able to generate the energy that you need. 


Solar Panel Cleaning


The dirt and grime that accumulates in your solar panels can significantly reduce their energy production. For this reason, it is important that they are kept clean. This will ensure that they yield maximum efficiency even with continued use.


While the cleaning process is fairly simple, it is still recommended that you enlist the services of solar panel experts not only for the best results for your system but also to ensure your safety. Along with cleaning services, we can also provide sound advice on how you will be able to keep your solar panels in their best condition regardless of the weather condition.


Solar Panel Maintenance


Because solar panels don’t have many moving parts, they require very little maintenance. Aside from routine and regular cleaning, all that is left is to have your panels inspected every couple of years. It is also a good idea to get a recommendation about the specific maintenance requirements of your solar power system.


When your solar power system is inspected from time to time, potential causes of failure are promptly addressed, even before they become a major problem.


Speak to one of our solar power system experts. Call us!

Solar panels can sometimes prove to be quite complicated, which is why you must seek the advice of qualified solar technicians and CEC accredited electricians. In this case, you can call our team of solar panel specialists at Service Tech. 


Together, let us take a look into your electricity bills and find the best solar panels suitable for your household or business. Our trained technicians will visit your property to assess the solar panels that need to be installed. We can also inspect your existing solar panels for cleaning and maintenance.


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